News Wrap-up: Give Gifts on Wii, Get a Cheap Mylo, New Light Bulbs for Ireland and More

nyetbulb.jpg• The Wii Shop now lets you send Virtual Console games to friends as gifts. First person to send me Super Mario 64 gets a gold star. [Crave] • Ireland will ban the sale of incandescent light bulbs in 2009. Crossing my fingers that a 2010 ban on Bono is next. [Tech Digest] &bull: LG has sold 15 million Chocolate handsets. Kudos to them on finding 15 million suckers. [Wireless Info] • Dealzmodo: Sign up for a Sony Visa card, get a Mylo for $US49 and one free year of T-Mobile Hotspot service. Our own Chris Mascari said it best: "Kinda makes me wish I wanted a Mylo." [Sony] • Nokia wants a cut of user revenues from carriers, like someone else we know. Jealous much, Nokia? [BGR]

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