News Round-up: FBI Billboards, Radiohead Webcast, and Patents, Patents, Patents

gizboard463.jpg• The FBI wants to install 150 digital billboards in 20 US cities in the next few weeks to show fugitives, missing people and gadget bloggers. [Network World]
Oft-discussed Radiohead will have a live webcast concert at midnight on January 1. It's almost cool to stay home on New Year's Eve now. [Pitchfork]
• Google is stuck in patent troll hell with Hyperphase Technologies, LLC. The company claims it holds patents on certain parts of AdSense technology. [The Register]
• Yahoo filed a patent for "smart drag-and-drop" technology, which means "displaying drop targets in proximity to a drag-able selected object." Too bad everything from MS Excel to Apple Mail to Adobe Flash all use similar technology already. [Ars Technica]
• Vonage finalised their settlement with AT&T over the former infringing on the latter's VoIP patents. The settlement is believed to be somewhere in the neighbourhood of $US39 million. [CRN]

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