News Roundup: Daily Dose of Harry Potter, Brit Drivers Going To Jail For Talking, Microsoft & Freetards Makin' Deals and More

harryhotline2.jpg• Warner Bros. set up a hotline to replace HD DVDs found in Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire Blu-ray packages. I love Harry Potter news. [HD Digest]
• British drivers caught using their mobile phones may be sent to jail for two years and face an extremely scary sounding "unlimited fine" under new laws published today. [Reuters]
• Samsung is shipping a 320GB 2.5" hard drive for notebooks. It retails for $US250. [Tom's Hardware]
• Microsoft signed a deal with open source software company Samba as a result of sanctions for anti-trust violations from the European Commission. The Borg and freetards together? Someone check to make sure Fake Steve is still breathing. [NYT]

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