News Round-up: Boffins Galore, Spectrum Auction, Rock, Paper, Scissors and More

harrycarpet5.jpg• Joining the other boffins we've discussed today is this Indian boffin, who invented a flying carpet by attaching a powerful motor to a thin sheet of fabric. By the way, we have not used the word "boffin" on this site since 2004. Boffin! [Wired]
• Intel will delay their 45nm quad core chips because AMD is late to debut their new chips as well. I hope AMD is secretly planning a double secret back stab surprise and lying to beat Intel to market. Gotcha, sucker! [The Inquirer]
• HP paid Staples $US100 million to not stock competitor's ink, and made the money back by charging $8,000 for a gallon of their own ink, according to a lawsuit. The official charge: Dorkateering. [Ars]
New Scientist claims it has the secret to winning Rock, Paper, Scissors. The battle of wits has begun! [Telegraph]

• The FCC announced the participants in the 700MHz spectrum auction. If I were a betting man, I'd go with the Paul Bunyan Rural Telephone Cooperative FTW!!1! [TechCrunch]

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