50% of UK Power Soon Coming from Wind?

offshore_windfarm.jpgThis week UK energy secretary John Hutton will announce a plan to build enough wind turbines to power nearly half of the UK, with sites along the North Sea, Irish Sea and the coast of Scotland, all by the year 2020. The goal? Produce 33GW worth of electricity (or about 30 times that of some prototype DeLoreans we've seen). The plan would call for massive wind turbines that would reach 850ft in the air to grab the good stuff so each of these generators could produce enough power for 8,000 homes.

Of course, an 850ft turbine is quite visible. And it means that the UK coastline may lose its scenic beauty. There's really no way to have your eco cake and eat it to. That's why we use hamster wheel generators for everything in the Wilson household. You get renewable energy and cuddly friends/an emergency food supply. [timesonline] [image]

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