15 Below: A Transfoming All-Weather Jacket For the Homeless

15_below.jpgBeing homeless would suck, but being homeless in Canada during the winter would suck even harder. A Toronto ad firm called Taxi aims to help around 3,000 of these unfortunate souls (and drum up a little business while they are at it) using their new 15 Below jacket.The lightweight jacket was designed to be waterproof, windproof and capable of withstanding extreme cold temperatures with the help of pockets that can be insulated with crumpled newspaper.More info and an additional pic after the break.

15_below_jacket.jpgThe name 15 Below represents the temperature at which Canada issues a cold weather warning. That's plenty cold, but the jacket has gone above and beyond that mark with successful tests at temperatures of up to -30° Celsius. When the weather is warm, the whole jacket can be converted into a backpack and the plentiful pockets become useful for storing personal items. Taxi plans on distributing the jackets for free to the homeless, which is why the shameless self-promotion can be easily overlooked. [Taxi via Treehugger]

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