128GB Sony Micro Vault Selling in China?

Sony_64GB_Memory_Vault.jpgA tipster just sent us compelling evidence of giant 64GB and ridiculously huge 128GB Sony-branded USB drives circulating in China. When he first spotted them at a market in Zu Hai, near Macau, he thought it was a misprint, but then he discovered that his own father had a 64GB card. Lest you think he was still foolin' himself, you can see that when he stuck the drive into a PC and checked, the thing sure enough registered around 64GB of space:

Sony_64GB_Memory_Vault_Info.jpgHere in the US of A, Sony only markets a measly 8GB in its highest-capacity Micro Vault. In spite of what's been reported, Kanguru appears to be stuck at the 32GB mark, and the Buslink we reported on a year ago still looks like it retails for around $6,000. We're still sceptical, and have asked for some follow-up, but in the meantime, if it really is 64GB of flash memory, well, that's some rich daddy you got there. Only kidding—thanks, Jamie!

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