Zune Flash Player in the Urban Jungle

11ZuneNwGI.jpgZunerama community member, ed, claims to have already purchased a new Zune flash player, days before the expected official release. Apparently, the player was acquired from an Office Depot in St. Louis. (Again, if any of you could somehow manage to get one to us before the launch, we'll cough up for them). Ed has not had much fun time with his new player, as the device will not function without an impending firmware release! Check out the blurry gallery below:


Our man with the spanking flash player had the cheek to call Microsoft and demand what the deal was. They told him the firmware will be released on Tuesday, until then he was told to be patient, as for now he's holding "a bit of the future." Holding a bit of the future could well be dangerous, as we all know from Marty's shenanigans when he purchased that book in the future and brought it back to the present, thus enabling him to make a killing on sports bets—but it went pear shaped, didn't it Marty? Yes, yes it did. Respect the future, people. [Zunerama]

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