Zune 80 Getting Tricked Out Customer(ization)?

JobsPicZune3GI.jpgThe guys over at Zune Scene are reporting that Microsoft intends to allow customisation to all Zune 80 devices purchased via Zune.net. Apparently, the buyer will be able to make several choices concerning color, custom text (a maximum of five lines) and even opt for an etched logo from a bank of 25 preset images. These options are rumoured to become present through an, as of yet, undisclosed section of the website, which shall be labelled "Zune Originals." Microsoft are reportedly going to be offering this all free of charge, and we dare say we would be mighty impressed with the gesture. The big M wanted this to be a nice little surprise for the early adopters, so play nice and act shocked if they announce it. Catch what Zune Scene's source had to say after the jump.

"...but there is 
something that Microsoft is holding onto releasing information 
about until Tuesday. They have been keeping this info very secret, 
as they want to get the "bang" effect when it is announced.

There is going to be an option from the Zune website called "ZUNE 
ORIGINALS". People who order their zune from Zune.net, will have 
the added bonus of being able to customise their zune. This will 
include colour, up to five lines of custom text, and the choice of 
25 preset logos that they can have etched into their zune prior to 
delivery. There will be no added cost, but it is only available 
through Zune.Net... 

...I do believe that Microsoft will go Ape$h%t if this info gets out 
before V2 release on Tuesday"

Hear that?—Ape shit! If you don't want to see Bill lose his rag, we suggest you act dumb, which won't be too challenging for you. [Zune Scene]

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