Yipee-ki-yay Motherf*ker: Live Free or Die Hard DVD Includes Theoretical Copy For Portables

die-hard-mobile-game.jpgAppropriately, the DVD release of Live Free or Die Hard by Fox next week will come bundled with a copy of the film playable on a computer.

It's a totally academic gesture, as a program like handbrake can rip a DVD to shreds in minutes, and this one only works on PlaysForSure devices, which excludes "Macs, iPods, and even Zunes", writes Wired writer and Giz friend Jenna Wortham. But we're glad to see Hollywood continue to dip their toe into the brave new world where we can actually watch the movies we want to watch, when we want to watch em. Live Free or Die Hard, could be the new warning motto for the industry. How about instead, you bring on the $3 DVDs Paramount and WB are distributing in China? [Wired]

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