World's Worst Fembot Slaps Your Face When You Touch Her Boobs

I can't see Aiko, seen here last week at the Ontario Science Center, being the world's favourite fembot — For starters, she's a dowdy dresser. And secondly, she will slap your face if you try and get busy with her breasts without chatting her up first. She's the creation of Le Trung, who has developed the B.R.A.I.N.S (Bio Robot Artificial Intelligence Neural System) software, controlling Aiko's speech, reading, math, vision, colors, hearing, automation and sensors. Her attitude makes a change from the last laydee android we featured on the Giz, who looked like a missing teen forced to do rude things to her kidnappers. Anyway, the poor girl needs a new wardrobe. Anyone like to help her out? [Project Aiko and YouTube via The Raw Feed]

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