Wii DVD Playback for Japan Delayed, Nintendo Apologises Super Deeply

mario-dvd-attack.jpgProving the maxim Japan has it better when it comes to gadgets and games, Nintendo had promised the motherland a version of the Wii with DVD playback by the end of this year. The model has yet to materialise, and Nintendo feels really bad about it. Really. Check out their "we're sorry":

Although we had told you that we planned to release the model described above in the latter half of 2007, we will not be able to. We are currently focusing our efforts on manufacturing the current version of the hardware and fulfilling the strong demand in Japan, the US, and Europe.

We apologise deeply for troubling our customers and making you wait. We humbly ask for your understanding.

We wonder who had to throw themselves on a sword upon issuing the statement. Anyway! For us white devils, ways to play DVDs on your Wii exist, but they require the use of the black arts. [Nintendo via Game|Life]

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