Which TVs are the Most Reliable? Flat Ones.

poltergeist-hand-television.jpgConsumer Reports' Annual Product Reliability Survey will be featured in their upcoming December issue. Its news? Flat panel displays are far more reliable than their rear-projection counterparts. Just how much more reliable? Around 15% 500%.

The study showed that both LCDs and plasma displays needed repairs, on average, of only 3% of the time. Meanwhile, rear-projection sets had an overall necessity of repairs of 18%. And the worst culprates in rear-projection were DLP TVs. Yeah, apparently those millions of tiny mirrors need millions of tiny fixes—which is really too bad, since my eye favours good DLP over LCD and plasma any day.

Consumer Reports' other conclusion was that neither repair prices nor rates on either type of TV warranted warranties. So don't let that punk kid in a wrinkly blue shirt scare you out of your money better spent on hi-def content. [informationweek]

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