What Your Console Tells Your Date Besides the Fact You're a Geek

lucypsy.jpgAt MSN Match, a crack group of armchair psychologists (plus one real one) use a dude's choice of gaming machine to reveal the inner reaches of their very soul to potential dates. We take it a step further, reading in between the lines they've already read between. Ladies, a Wii owner

is selfish about his passion, but he knows the Wii is acceptable because of its social interaction functionality. He is smart enough to find a way to continue to game and not scare his date away.

He's also "smart with his money," i.e. a cheap date, meaning you'll probably spend it in front of the white wonder. More nickel assessments this way.A PS3 owner "may have deep pockets," "demand the best out of his experience—and probably his women" and "knows the right people, goes to the best restaurants and doesn't wait in line to get into the club." In other words, they're total pricks.

Finally, Xbox 360 owners

tend to like extremely violent, visceral games, as well as the social aspect of connecting with friends online. They may be living out an active and social life through games, because they are a bit on the shy side. Xbox 360 fans tend to make good money and like to spend it. These guys are passionate about gaming and that transfers into the bedroom as well.

But be sure to check their gamerscore! Translation: They play too many games, so when they do get laid, they get super excited, probably too excited, even.

Unfortunately, they leave out the guy who owns all three, but we'll wing it and go with "total dorkface who has more money than us." [MSN Match via Kotaku]

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