What Car Nuts Really Think of the Prius Hybrid Electric

The Prius is widely recognised as a technological marvel, with it's regenerative braking, its hybrid electric motor setup, and the super-low drag coefficient of 0.26. Which is why it's sobering to geeks and treehuggers to watch Top Gear describe the Prius as so slow that "A child could run into the street, retrieve his ball, and grow to puberty, before the Prius could hit him." And at a tested 45mpg, it's actually less green than a diesel.

It's easy to say that this is not the market, but ultimately, these are the people who have to be sold before the tech becomes as desirable and mainstream as it is cutting-edge tech. One day, Toyota will bring us the Supra Hybrid, and not one of those numb-feeling sedans with electrics. I just want a diesel electric with gobs of power, 100mpg, and the lines of an Italian. Is that so much to ask? [TopGear]

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