Wearable VholdR Palm-Sized Camcorder is Tiny, Convenient and Sturdy

vholdr_three-quarter.jpgTake your first look at the new VholdR, a wearable, palm-sized camcorder created especially for shooting extreme video for quick uploading to YouTube. Notice that its lens takes up most of its volume, and its 4.8-ounce weight and 3.7-inch length encourage you take it along. It even includes helmet-mounting hardware for those wild snowboarding and whitewater rafting sessions, as well as proprietary shake management so you can keep your clips from inducing viewer vomit sessions. When you're done shooting, its VholdR desktop software lets you keep your videos organized or upload them to YouTube with a single click.

The VholdR is built tough for taking plenty of abuse, too, made of anodized aluminium that's splashproof. The hardware compression engine on board is impressive, crunching down its 640x480 30fps video to manageable file sizes. We especially like that single button to roll, easy to operate even with gloves on. And there's no tape or fragile hard disk to worry about—it records everything onto a microSD card. The first few are expected to be available by Christmas, retailing for $349.99. [VholdR]

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