Waterproof Headset For Tub Time Tunes

euphonia-headset_48%20new.jpgBainultra is set to roll out its Euphonia waterproof headset on December 1, so you can do your best Julia Roberts impersonation by belting out the lyrics to "Kiss" in the bathtub like the red-headed actress did in "Pretty Woman." Unlike the waterproof earbuds we reported on yesterday, these sleek cans wirelessly connect to a wall-mounted MP3 player, where you can listen to preset playlists or import your own music collection. Bainultra claims the headphones are completely waterproof and safe, but the design doesn't make it easy to wash your hair. Pricing information has yet to be seen but we're guessing it will be a bit more than Julia's Sports Walkman. [Bornrich]

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