VW's Touchscreen UI Looking Mighty Apple-y

Some noticed that the VW Space Up! blue concept car at the LA Auto Show has a car computer that looks like an Apple coverflow UI. Could this result of Apple and VW launching a UI together per earlier talks? My eyes are screaming yes, but my brain tells me that an Apple alliance is the kind of thing VW and Apple would want trumpeted. Maybe at production time for vehicles with this system, come spring, or Maybe at Macworld in January.

Either way, it almost makes me consider a VW, and I'm hoping cousins at Audi get the hint soon and do something as slick as this in their non-touchscreen MMI system. The system has a 7-inch touchscreen is proximity sensitive, too, so it works on gestures in front of the console. Autoblog recalls that all VWs in 2009 model year are getting touchscreens. I like all this speculation, frankly, and would be pretty pleased to see solid Cupertino UIs on the road. [Autoblog Carspace via Engadget]

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