Volcano Digit Gets You Stoned Digitally

volcano_digit.jpgDopers who want to get baked without all that cough-inducing smoke have known about the Volcano Vaporizer for years, but recently the company rolled out Volcano Digit, adding a digital display to the front that precisely shows you the temperature at which your weed is cooking. The Volcano Digit's LEDs add a nice high-tech aura to this trusty appliance, certain to elicit multiple "oh wow" exclamations from your smoking partners. Take a look at a video of the Volcano Digit blowing up a plastic balloon full of non-toxic vapours from heaven:

Just watching this video serves as proof of the efficacy of the Volcano—obviously whoever shot and edited this watch-the-grass-growing video had a distorted sense of time passing. Note to self: Don't shoot and edit video while plastered.

Its makers say the Volcano Digit is accurate, bringing that herb to ± 1.5°C of the perfect vaporization temperature, showing its progress to you in big bright LEDs you'll be able to read no matter how toasted you are. Even though this Volcano Digit costs $669, we like the idea of reducing the most harmful aspect of pot smoking: It's a gateway drug... to cigarettes. [Volcano Vaporizers, Via Storz-Brickel]

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