Vizio Still Leading Supplier of LCD TVs in U.S., Samsung On Its Heels

viziologo.jpgAccording to iSuppli, Vizio, of Sam's Club and other fine club merchant fame, holds on to its spot as no. 1 supplier of LCD TVs in the US for Q3 2007, with 13 percent of sets shipped. But that's a .7 percent drop from last quarter, while every other major player saw a spike.

Climbing to 12.8 percent, Samsung's now just .2 percent away from the LCD lead (it's winning in flat-panels overall). If the trend continues, Vizio will drop a couple of spots as soon as next quarter. The question is whether that's because brand name sets are getting cheaper, or people are now simply willing to pay a bit more to get a better quality TV. [Bits]

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