Virtual Pinball Machine Alters Arcade Gaming Lore

P01271107.jpgWe love technological advancement, but there is something that just feels wrong about TAB Austria's Virtual Pinball machine. Sure, the six different animated games offer more variety than your conventional machine, and the 42" plasma display looks a damn site sexier than the usual mechanized pinball floor, but these things were never meant to be altered. No, not even the promise of online tournaments and user upgradeable games can sway us. Our minds are made up by the way that we feel... so if you really love us, come on and let it show. Gosh, Wet Wet Wet were great. Anyway, if you are partial to TAB's Virtual Pinball machine, it has a ten-week wait time and the price is only available by request, which, unlike Wet Wet Wet, is not so fantastic. [Acquire via Technabob]

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