Video: Rip-a-Way 1000 Wedgie Proof Underwear

Fox News got an interview with the two 8-year twin old geniuses who invented wedgie proof underwear, dubbed the Rip-a-way 1000. The rigged a pair of boxers with fasteners at the seams, so these aren't so different from the pull away warm up pants (AKA, hiphop tuxedo). But like most of the best inventions, the beauty here lies in the simplicity of design.

The quotes by the kids are the best part of this video, laced with lament and hope deeper than we could expect from youngsters: "When someone gives you a wedgie, it hurts, and when we made wedgie proof underwear, it won't hurt anymore." Cheer up kid, you'll get fewer wedgies as you age towards your nobel peace prizes for these things. Although for me and many Giz readers, I'd say this piece of engineering has come a decade or three too late. [Wedgie Proof Undies]

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