Video of Asus Eee Unboxed and Palmed, Plus Dissection Shots

Gotta love Newegg. Asus's Eee notebook just went onsale there yesterday, and an unbox/grope video as well as a lengthy shot-by-shot dissection are already up. Despite seeing stock photos of people using it, the thing still seems almost unexpectedly and impressively pint-sized. Autopsy shot is this way, for the truly geeky.eeepcgut.jpgA closer look at the guts reveals, for instance, that the 4GB of NAND flash memory for storage is made up of four 1GB modules, and is the same stuff that's in portable media players. Also, the unspecified Intel graphics and processor from the Newegg spec list turn out to be an Intel GMA 900 and a 900Mhz Celeron M. If closeups of green silicon, components and model numbers are what get you all hot and bothered, Tweaktown's got almost eight pages of the stuff to pore over. [Brad Linder via Mobile Mag, Tweaktown via Engadget]

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