Very Lonely Man Collects Every Super Soaker Ever to Fill Empty Void of His Life

supersoakers.jpgThis dude, for some unholy reason, owns every Super Soaker ever. Every. One. I mean, are these things even valuable? I don't see how they could be because I can't imagine anyone else being insane enough to care about some 1988 special edition Super Soaker. How does he explain his "hobby" to dates, assuming he's ever gone out on one? "Yes, I am a grown man and I collect water guns. I have enough to fill up an entire garage, and I'm seriously in debt because of it. But hey, it's totally worth it, right? Perhaps you'd like to come over and… hey, where are you going? You didn't finish your Quarter Pounder!" Click for a bigger version of the picture. [Electro^Plankton via Geekologie]

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