Venom Switchboard, a Cross Between Skis and Snowboard

Winter is coming and it's just about time to hit the slopes, but are you having trouble deciding between downhill skiing and snowboarding? The Venom Switchboard is a cross between the two, and adds an aluminium steering bar for even greater control. This vehicle looks like it mixes together just the right amount of danger and thrills, and it's not all that expensive, either. vnm001fullsm.JPG

The Switchboard consists of two boards joined together, and when you move the attached bar along with your front foot, it turns the articulated front board, giving you lots of control. You might not want to try this one on icy slopes, but screaming down a hill of packed snow, powder or loose granular ice might be the most fun you can have with your clothes on.


Imported from the Netherlands, Switchboard is now available in the United States for $590. [Venom, via Sci Fi Tech and SkiBikeFun]

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