USB Mini-Cool Aroma/Humidifier Brings Moist and Smelly Coolness

usbminicool_front.jpgThis USB Mini-Cool Aroma/Humidifier is not quite as pretty as that doughnut-shaped humidifier with aromatherapy we showed you a year ago, but then, this one's a lot smaller. Its maker touts its ability to cool you off with its fine mist, but with the upcoming winter months, the ultrasonic humidifier will come in handy when your place gets drier than a popcorn fart, parching your throat and turning your skin into something resembling cracked shoe leather. An added bonus is its aromatherapy stenching capabilities, wafting your favourite scent all over the place. Plug it into your USB port or use its batteries, and it spews mist for around 45 minutes of moist, aromatic goodness. [Brando]

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