Upgrading Asus Eee PC's RAM Voids Your Warranty

eeevoid.jpgThe bulk of Cliff Biffle's excellent first impressions takes apart the Eee PC's impressive streak of GPL violations, such as removing code attribution. But for our gear-glued brains, the more relevant issue is the nice yellow "warranty void if seal is broken or removed" sticker chemically bonded over the RAM upgrade slot. Say what? "Yes, you read that right: a computer manufacturer has decided that it voids your warranty to replace a DIMM."

The likely reason is the mini-PCI-express slot hidden under the door, which might be the site of a future SSD upgrade, since plugging something in deactivates the built-in SSD. On the upside, according to Cliff, the warranty-voiding sticker schtick is unenforcable under the 1975 Magnuson-Moss Act. But, forcing them to not enforce that warranty clause would probably take more work than a $US400 laptop's worth. Either way, it's a bit shitty on their part. [Cliff Hacks Things]

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