UK iPhone Launching with 1.1.2 Firmware, Jailbreak Broken

iphone-new-firmware.jpgT3 got their hands on the new European iPhone, and to their delight (and dismay), the phone is pre-installed with firmware 1.1.2—which is newer than the 1.1.1 firmware we currently have in the states. Believe it or not, it's actually packing some new features. But before you ask, their early testing shows that current Jailbreak software is no longer functional. So that whole saga continues!

The biggest standard consumer-oriented change is probably that the phone supports 12 languages out of the box, along with special keyboards for French and German languages (we guess that the other languages see a more limited level of support).

There's also bundled free access to The Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots, which we've already seen in the European iPod Touch.

And like we said, no more iPhone hacking for a little while. [t3]

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