Two Possible Mac Data Loss Issues Still Unadressed by Apple

leopardbsodicon2.jpgAlthough no official word has been released by Apple, there appears to be two serious data loss issues that could affect Macbook owners and users of Mac OS X Leopard. According to blogger Tom Karpik, Leopard's Finder has a bug in its directory-moving code that can result in massive data loss when transferring large files —regardless of the type of destination drive. Apparently, this flaw has been around since the days of Mac OS X 10.3 Panther, so it could represent an ongoing problem that Apple has failed to address.

The other issue involves a flaw in certain 2.5-inch Segate SATA drives with a firmware version 7.01. As mentioned last week on Giz, the flaw causes read/write heads to fail and scratch up the drive. Again, these issues are not official, but you may want to take steps to back up your data just to be on the safe side. [TomKarpik via AppleInsider]

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