Turkey Cannon Stuffs That Thanksgiving Bird with Boiling Beer

turkeycannon.jpgThanksgiving is exactly a week away, and it's time to start figuring out ways to impale that unfortunate bird that will find itself the centre of attention as the festivities begin. What better way to celebrate than the Turkey Cannon, a $25 baking pan with a hollow shaft you stick up the poor turkey's ass? But before you do, fill 'er up with your favourite brewsky for a unique beer-besotted Thanksgiving treat.

That liquid boils up in there, infusing your turkey with marinated goodness while decreasing cooking time. Whatever you decide put in this auto-basting container/impaler is entirely up to you, with ideas ranging from cranberry juice, wine, herbs, various marinades, or heck, you could even put yer weed in it. [Camp Chef, via Hardware Aisle]

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