Tributaries HXC5 Sends HDMI up to 164-feet "Virtually Loss Free"

ELEC-HXC5.jpgThe HXC5 HDMI-over-CAT-5 system is being billed as a simple "plug and play" solution for sending HDMI signals over large distances —164 feet (50 meters) to be exact. The manufacturer also claims that this signal is "virtually loss free." The device utilizes balanced/unbalanced signal processing to ensure full hi-def signal integrity for all video formats up to and including 1080p and it is HDMI v1.2 / HDCP compliant.

The HXC5 requires a double-run of standard CAT5/5E/6 network cabling and it is packaged as a complete, ready-to-connect system —including a compact "balun" transmitter and receiver. Could definitely be a valuable problem-solving tool for anyone setting up a serious home theater. Available now for $600. [Tributaries]

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