Touchstone Portable Gadget Charger, Hand Warmer...Eh?

touchstone.jpgThey say that the best way to develop a great product is to find a need and fill it. Perhaps the design team at DigitalTech didn't look hard enough when they came up with their Touchstone portable gadget charger / hand warmer hybrid. It's not that the two functions of the device aren't useful —it can charge just about anything and my hands could stand to be a little toastier in the winter months —I'm just not sure that these functions make a lot of sense together. Still, if you would prefer a compact charger with some added yet unrelated functionality, you will be happy to know that the Touchstone can provide up to 9 hours of continuous cell phone charging and up to 6 hours of hand warming. Available for around $44. [Product Page via TFTS]

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