Toshiba Makes Freudian Slip, Markets Crap

toilet.jpgTired of hearing about Toshiba HD DVD players and displays? Well, you can sit on it. Rather, sit on this: Toshiba's set to release a new energy-efficient bidet-style heated toilet in Japan. That's right, a toilet.It's energy-efficient (read: environmentally friendly) because it heats water each time it's used as opposed to keeping a heater on 24/7 in order to store warm water. The water flows through tubes in the seat (which has been reshaped to minimize heat loss) and up your bum when you're finished, cleaning itself off with antibacterial ionized water after it's cleaned you.

It even has a deodorizing fan built in, but I still think the best part about the whole thing is that it has a remote control to lift the seat. All I need is one more remote - added to the remotes for my iPod, my ceiling fan, and the 17 items in my entertainment center, it'll make for one stylish proposal some day.

The toilet's 2 models, the SCS-S500 and the SCS-S510 (the remote and deodorizer are only in the S510) go on sale in Japan on November 23. [Tech On via Trendhunter]

- Josh Ziegler

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