Toshiba Helps Mask Your Guilt By Planting Trees

treetop.jpgToshiba cuddled up to the environment today by creating a new Carbon Zero offset scheme. UK customers now have the option to tack on £1.18 ($2.76) to the purchase of a laptop that will go towards planting a tree in Cumbria, a rural area in England. According to the company, said tree will offset carbon emissions produced by the laptop over each one's respective lifetime. While it's nice that Toshiba is thinking about our air supply, this plan seems less "Carbon Zero" and more "scheme" to me.Just think about the lifetime of a laptop vs. the lifetime of a tree. A laptop lasts 6-7 years, tops, and that's if you take great care of it and don't mind staying behind the technology curve. On the other hand, trees can live for centuries. If that's how long it takes to offset the carbon produced by one laptop, maybe Toshiba should be rethinking manufacturing them altogether.

This plan seems like more of a way to play into people's guilt, keep the environmental nuts at bay, and join the other companies who have similar initiatives. And as of now it's only available to people in the UK, preventing the vast majority of Toshiba's customer base from getting in on the alleged carbon savings. Whatever the offset really may be, why can't we all get a chance to feel good by planting a tree when we buy a new laptop? [Toshiba via Reg Hardware]

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