Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes for 2007

costumes_front.jpgIn honour of the autumnal season and one of our favourite pastimes, here's a roundup of the Top 10 Sexiest Halloween Costumes in the entire world. After all, Halloween is a holiday for goblins, geeks, goons, weirdos, trolls and merrymakers of all stripes, so we knew the Giz readership wouldn't mind if we posted a few non-gadget costume pics (I can see Blam rolling his eyes already). And hey, it's gadget-y, too—heck, one of these babes is wearing handcuffs, isn't she? Anyway, we're not sure if it's the costumes themselves or those comely lasses who are wearing them, but either way, we find each appealing in its own inimitable way. Check out the gallery after the jump, which includes a few NSFW shots, so beware.

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