Tok Tak MP3 Player Looks Like Audio Jack, Comes with Base Station

tok_tak.jpgAh, holidays. Spend a couple of weeks on a faraway island, where the words "internet" and "connection" are met with baffled stares, and it's easy to forget what one's purpose in life actually is. And then you come across a concept gizmo like the Tok Tak and it all comes flooding back: The Giz! Her readers! Hot Verdommer and Eek-a-poos, I'd better get back to work before the editor realises that I didn't just nip out to get a packet of fags from the store. Designed by Tae-won Kim, the Tok Tak looks like an audio jack but is actually a basic MP3 player concept that comes with a base station — which, judging by the photo below, looks a bit like Tae-won got his inspiration from gazing at a smoke detector. tok_tak2.jpgSee what I mean? It's quite a neat concept, though (if you don't mind looking like an idjut who wanders around wearing earphones plugged into nothing) — plug the jack into the smoke alarm and, as well as recharging and uploading new tunes onto the player, it converts into a speaker unit with joystick controller. [Yanko]

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