T-Mobile Germany Sells $1,478 Unlocked iPhone to Avoid Legal Troubles, Tells Vodafone That They Suck (Updated)

generals-schlongs.jpgResponding to Vodafone's whining and legal action about the iPhone in Germany, T-Mobile has published a press release that basically tells Vodafone to TFSU: T-Mobile thinks that Vodafone's claims are without merit and only driven by self-interest. To avoid legal trouble, however, they are now offering an unlocked iPhone for $US999, just like every manufacturer (including Vodafone) do with every other mobile phone out there.In the press note, T-Mobile argues that there's no other way to market the iPhone in Germany except through their network. After months of testing, their network is the only one that can provide full EDGE transmission nationwide. In addition to this, T-Mobile says that their plans will benefit consumers too: their plans include access to Wi-Fi hotspots all across the country. In other words. they say that releasing the iPhone as an unlocked phone in Germany makes no technical sense and won't benefit consumers. However, to avoid any legal hassles, the iPhone will be available unlocked —although without some services available, like Visual Mail— for a whooping 999 euros.

The most interesting part, because of its potential, is that they will offer a unlocking service for anyone who bought the iPhone since November 19th. Why interesting? Well, here's hoping that someone grabs that software and we all can enjoy update-proof unlocked iPhones all over the world.

In addition to this, T-Mobile has declared that they reserve the right to sue the pants out of Vodafone if their legal antics affects the introduction of the JesusPhone. Also, completely unofficial and drunk sources pointed out that T-Mobile spokesman Philipp Humm called Vodafone's president to tell him that he looks like a prussian donkey and that he will beat the crap out of him at recess. [Reuters and Press Release via I4U]

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