Tie Clip Plays Tunes, Exposes Your Dorkiness

tieclip_player.jpgBack in the olden times when people used to dress up in multi-piece outfits to impress their colleagues, there was a thing called a tie clip. Now that historical object has been designed into a multipurpose display device that not only plays MP3s but notifies everyone exactly how much of a geek you really are, scrolling by in plain English. This design concept has a single-line LCD display, showing either the name of the song you're listening to or the message of your choice. Take a look at a couple of pictures of this remarkable invention in action:


Now if designer Jin Woo Han could just convince some geeks to wear ties, or even shirts with buttons on the front, there would be a place to attach this elegantly designed concept. Maybe you could clip it to your ear. [Yanko Design]

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