The Gadget Wars, Who Won/Lost Last Week?

mikebarfight.jpgEvery week is a crazy, unbelievable Battle Royale between companies, PR, reporters and consumers. Like this one time, a guy at the bar was in line in front of me for the bathroom. Another guy left the bathroom, but the guy in front of me was too engrossed in some conversation he was having to step up. So I politely asked, "Hey, could I go ahead?" And then he stuck his chest out and wanted to fight.

OK, that isn't like the gadget wars at all, but let's just say I went to the bathroom without a hitch (and not in my pants). + Linux

Asus released their highly anticipated eee PC, a 2lb Linux-derivative laptop that runs just $400. The reason they get the plus? Early reviews have been quite positive. (We'll give you a full rundown next week when the verdict's in.)

Then Wal-Mart starts offering the Everex $200 Linux PC. Since 5% of the Wal-Mart computer buyers are looking for their first computer, why not try something without an Apple or Microsoft badge of approval?

+ Eye-Fi

Out of seemingly nowhere, this littleSD card that adds Wi-Fi to almost any digital camera reminded us that the little guys can still ruffle the feathers of the electronics industry.

= iPhone

Time names the iPhone Invention of the Year. It's tough to disagree, but yet more positive press isn't going to spur iPhone sales. Buyers will...and Christmas might, too.

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