The Force is Concealed Within the Yoda Reversible Pillow

SWPlushieGI.jpgPillows are very useful, but when they are not offering support or cushioning, they may as well be plushie Star Wars characters. Think Geek's reversible Yoda and Vader cushions are from that very same school of thought. For $29.99, you can procure a pillow that will ensure you do not suffer from any form of lumbar discomfort following a night's rest, and on waking, you can then turn the glorified bedding inside out, revealing either Yoda or Vader. You choose. Hell, why not go nuts and get them both? You could even fashion them into friends/partners that care about you! Wow—a friend and an essential bedroom furnishing item, all wrapped up into one product. These truly are crazy times. [Product Page via Shiny Shiny]

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