The Conclusion of NBC's Hacked iPhone Drama

hackediphonefinal.jpgLast weekend we pointed out that a Saturday Night Live iPhone sketch (that we thought was hilarious, btw) was using a hacked iPhone. We wondered if this was a writer decision, a production necessity or a corporate low blow. Since then a connected tipster filled us in, saying that the phone was indeed a production decision because it was the only way one can show all the phone's features with the "no service" icon displayed (as to avoid promoting a carrier, we assume). Here's their short correspondence (that pretty much says what we've already told you):

...the hacked phone was never an nbc or writer decision. it was done out of convenience since that was the only way to shoot a phone with all of its features. if u look closely, in both spots you can see "NO SERVICE" in the upper left corner of the phone.

So much for conspiracy theories that NBC was sticking it to Apple after a disagreement. We still think it's great that a hacked iPhone made it on national television during a mock iPhone commercial, even if the subtext wasn't completely intentional. Conspiracy or not, that part's still funny.

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