Tension Labs EAP03 Earphone Audio Processor Sweetens Those 'Phones

tensionlabs_eap03.jpgHere's something you didn't even know you needed: a Tension Labs EAP03 Earphone Audio Processor, taking that crappy sound you get from earphones and attempting to somehow improve it. The credit-card-sized unit is powered with a lithium battery, and attaches to your portable music player with Velcro. It's designed to give you lots of control and multi-band equalization of your audio with its multichannel audio processor, and can also tell you just how loud that music is you're listening to. Sound useful yet? Besides that sound sweetening, It has another feature that might actually make your life easier. EAP03.jpg

Its integrated microphone lets you keep those earphones on and rocking, and you can hear someone talking to you at the same time. You can adjust the mix of outside sound with your own music, a good idea when walking busy city streets, driving, pretending not to ignore the bullying vicissitudes of your nagging mate, or waiting for an important phone call.


While the company's site makes a big deal out of not damaging your hearing, it looks like this sucker can really crank up the sound, too, and while you might not want your 'phones to be louder, higher quality sound would certainly be welcome. An intriguing possibility is the product's Soundfield Expansion, designed to alleviate that feeling of music playing in the middle of your skull, bringing it out front and around you.

If you've already spent a few hundred bucks and some really nice earphones, the EAP03's $179 may not be too painful. [Tension Labs]


Model: EAP03-01S

Weight: 55 grams (2 oz.)

Size: 82.5 mm (L) x 52 mm (W) x 13 mm (T)

Battery: Lithium-Polymer 950 mAH 3.7V

Battery Life: 7-8 Hrs. Full Charge (500 cycles min.)

Freq. response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

Distortion: 0.03% THD typical

Hearing Monitoring Function: Based on NIOSH 98-186 Noise Exposure Standard

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