TAG Heuer Set to Develop Luxury Mobile Phone Line: Does Tiger Woods Need More Money?

TigerWoods.jpgAccording to the folks at Electronista, fancy-pants watchmaker TAG Heuer will team up with the French designers at Modelabs to develop a new line of luxury mobile phones. The news follows closely on the heels of other fashion icons like Armani and Prada entering the phone biz, but there is no word yet on how the Tag Heuer phone would compare to those offerings in terms of specifications.

As for the design, the mobile phones are expected to be as as "contemporary," "technological" and "timeless" as their watches. Naturally, there is no word yet on any type of advertising campaign, but my guess is that somehow Tiger Woods will find a way to make even more money whoring it out to the masses. [TagHeuer and Electronista]

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