Synthetic Muscle Will Help You Take Pictures; Won't Kill Your Children...Yet

DLP95.jpgIt's about time for the mechanics inside digital cameras to get a technological overhaul, and a start-up named Artificial Muscle is aiming to do just that with some new actuators.

The actuators are built around a material that alters its firmness when voltage is applied - otherwise known as, well, artificial muscle. At 8.5 and 9.5mm in size, they're small enough to replace a variety of less efficient devices inside cameras, including those used in autofocus, shutter release, and even image stabilization. The imaging market is new for Artificial Muscle, but they claim that their actuators can be used in a broad range of industries, including medical and automotive technology. In other news, lightweight, inexpensive muscle material is vital to the success of any aspiring robot coup. Just remember, we told you so. [Artificial Muscle via Crave]

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