Summer of cricket? 3 Mobile has it sewn up

thepitch.jpgI'm too much of a cricket fan to let this just cruise on by without a mention. You've probably seen the ads from 3 Mobile already, but if you haven't, this year they have again tied in with the cricket to bring the whole summer of internationals to you wherever you are (within their network, of course... watch out for those nasty roaming charges!) for $4 per month.

The biggest development is the arrival of a mobile-only TV show giving an inside perspective on the game. Hosted by Darren 'Boof' Lehman, 'The Pitch' is appearing daily with everything you'd expect of it - like a mini 'The Cricket Show'.

Most importantly, you get a live feed of Channel Nine's game coverage. No getting bumped for news time during the Gabba test! Pure, uninterrupted game time. Add to that access to the pre- and post- game press conferences and this is genuine quality for a fan of the game.

This might sound like an ad, but keep in mind this kind of mobile integration is world leading. You don't hear the mothership talking about baseball or basketball doing these sorts of tie-ins to a mobile network (because they're too full of BS about the money). I think it deserves acknowledgement as much for Cricket Australia and Channel Nine seeing this as something good for the fans. [3 Mobile]

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