StealthSurfer Keeps Your Web Activity Safe From Prying Eyes

stealthsurfer_by_hushmail.jpgSo you're furiously reading all the news you can on the latest Hannah Montana game, but don't want to be found out...what do you do? If you want to protect your precious core gamer cred, my advice is the new, improved StealthSurfer, which has all the network security tools to make sure nobody finds out what you're getting into. The flash drive includes Tor Network Security, featuring an IP masker, so if anyone is packet sniffing you, they still can't pin it on your comp. It also includes Firefox and Thunderbird (best warez evar, right?), Roboform (to securely store passwords and form info) and a 4 year subscription to the Hushmail web-based email client. All of this runs on the Mojopac virtual computing platform so you can launch directly from the USB drive.

The drives come in 2 gig, 4 gig and 8 gig sizes for $US179, $US225 and $US279, respectively. Oddly enough, it's for Windows XP only, though support for Vista is on the way. Disciples of El Jobso need look elsewhere. [SleuthSurfer via Gadget Lab]

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