Sprint Earnings Report: Not So Great, But the Sky's Not Falling Yet

sprintstore.jpgWell, if AT&T and Verizon are having slambang quarters, someone's gotta get the short end of the stick. And that someone is Sprint, though the picture's not quite as dire as the summary execution of their former CEO depicts. "Consoliated net operating revenues" for the quarter were $10 billion, down half a billion from last year's Q3, with net income falling to $64 million from $279 million. While they've added 2.1 million million subscribers since the same quarter last year to hit 54 million, they've lost 60,000 subscribers since last quarter, and the revenue hit actually stems from lower wireless revenues.

One shiny spot was data revenues, which are up 28 percent vs. last year. A big question for Sprint's decision people is whether the quarter's results are making Xohm look more like a venture they should bet big on or an unnecessary risk for a struggling company. Your opinions, expert or otherwise in the comments. [Sprint, Flickr]

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