Multi-Fire STYX Gaming Mouse Opens Up Seven Rivers of Hell on Your Opponents

speedlink_styx.jpgHere's the tricked-out STYX mouse from Speed-Link, and this one's unique because it has a selectable multi-fire function, letting you fill the air with virtual lead. You can set it to shoot either two, three, or four rounds at a time, with a backlight under the scroll wheel lighting up a corresponding colour for each of the multi-shot modes. STYX brings the serious gaming goods, giving you your choice of 800, 1600, and a remarkable 2200 dpi resolution (although we've seen an even higher-rez 4000dpi), and if you look at the tight close-ups in that gallery below, you'll see the little LEDs that indicate which resolution you're using at the time. The thing is replete with buttons, too, giving you seven of them into which you can assign whatever mayhem you prefer. Not bad for $49. [Randomly Accessed]

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