Spaceflight Training with Lord British for Just $3,000,000

space-monkey.jpgIf you have a spare $US3,000,000 lying around, Space Adventures wants you to know that you, the public, can now apply to "to train as a private space explorer alongside" Richard Garriott, the mighty Lord British, developer of Ultima, founder of Origin and defeater of the Saxons. All without wearing a gnome suit or an armour. The catch: Richard is going to the International Space Station next year and you, my friend, you are not going even if you have the money. The three million dollars will only pay for your training as a back-up member, and the money "can be credited in-full toward a future orbital or lunar spaceflight mission." Not interested? Maybe Lord British's words will help:

"I want to involve as many people as possible in my mission and this is one of the most innovative ways to do so. I encourage anyone who has ever dreamed of travelling to space to contact Space Adventures. Not only will the back-up crew member be certified as a 'fully-trained cosmonaut' and be named to an official space mission crew, a distinction that less than 1,000 people have ever had; but, our combined participation is a step forward in the progression of our expansion into the cosmos."

Still not enough? Well, you will appear in a documentary alongside Garriott. Yeah. I know. Exactly my thoughts.

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