Soropot Teapot is Sexy, Architectural

sorapot_2shot.jpgSome tea connoisseurs are calling the Soropot the "sexiest teapot ever," but we just think it's downright architectural. There's function behind that form, too, where the arched handle is supposed to act as a heat sink to keep the tea from oversteeping. Its arched support straddles a burner on the stove, and the water in that horizontally oriented boiler acts like an old-timey locomotive, getting all hot and steamy until it's ready to pour over your favourite teabags. All this stainless steel and glass and design overload isn't quite available yet, but when/if it is, we tea drinkers at the Giz are even willing to forsake our gorgeous Michael Graves teapot from Target for one of these. [Snarfd]

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